Classroom on a bus

The innovative Classroom-on-a-Bus initiative provides remedial educational programs for children who are out of the school system and are struggling to access formal education in the more remote parts of Lebanon namely the Bekaa Region and Mount Lebanon.

The remedial programs run on three month cycles and support the child by breaking down the basics of literacy and numeracy before reintegrating them into the formal education system where they can then move forward and apply key skills in learning.

Each bus can accommodate 13 children per session (plus a Teacher and Teaching Assistant) and daily with up to four sessions per day.
We can deliver over 2, 000 lessons a year, and maximise our outreach to almost 500 disadvantaged and refugee children each year.

The buses have been equipped with modern technology and include :

  • 3 white boards, LCD wide screen, PC & Wi-Fi
  • Easily removable desks to facilitate group work
  • Under-seat storage
  • Heat reduced lighting
  • On-board library
  • Awning to provide shelter during outdoor activity