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Successfully introduced in September 2013, this apolitical pen-palling project engages children from different backgrounds in intercultural dialogue. Running across three terms, this project aims to bridge gaps and provide a platform from which children can express themselves and open their hearts and minds to the world around them.

It, in turn, effectively highlights the common denominator between children who live worlds apart and across discrete economic, political and social strata, yet share the same dreams, ambitions, hopes and fears. Not only do the children gain a great deal from the initiative, but they also genuinely enjoy it.

“I’ve been very touched at how much they have thought about them and they have wanted to understand what school is like for other children”. Teacher speaking of her experience

The program is open to schools from around the world that have a desire to write to our refugee and disadvantaged children in Lebanon. The administration process is overseen by the Al Madad Foundation who sort, log copies and ensure the charming letters reach their destination on time.

For more information, including examples of the children’s letters, download our Twinning Program Information Pack.

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