Al Madad Scholarship Programme at UWC Atlantic College

We are proud to partner with UWC Atlantic College in the UK to provide scholarships to promising Middle Eastern students who face financial difficulties impeding their ability to otherwise finish their education. The scholarship includes:

  • Enrolment in to 2 year International Baccalaureate (IB) course
  • Accommodation throughout the course
  • Potential for assistance in arranging Visas and travel arrangements

In studying for the IB at UWC Atlantic College, students can expect to partake in a rigorous academic curriculum combined with experiential learning in areas such as social justice, sustainability, conflict resolution, community service and physical challenge. Overall AC’s students achieve an above world average IB score of 35.2, a remarkable achievement given that 70% of students do not have English as their mother tongue.

Interested students will be required to meet basic conditions ahead of application, and will then be assessed against more detailed criteria throughout the multiple stage process.

Aleppo (Syria) Scholarships

In Aleppo, upper secondary school-aged children belong to the group most in danger of permanently falling out of the education system yet the desire to learn is not dampened and many understand that obtaining an education is the key to overcoming poverty, crime or soldier recruitment.

Al Madad Foundation has been bridging the gap by providing scholarships for Baccalaureate students facing financial difficulties and lack of opportunities, impeding their ability to finish their education. 20 students were selected for the 2015/16 intake; they are currently thriving in difficult circumstances and we wish them well in their summer exams