START Program

START is a charity running art workshops for orphans, refugee and special needs children across the Middle East and India. We run over 55 workshops every week in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, India, Egypt and the UAE. Our team goes into the refugee camps, orphanages and special needs centres in each location and teach the children different forms of art. Each week, we reach over 2,000 children.


Our mission is to heal and educate children who have suffered from war, pain and loss and who face mental and physical challenges on a daily basis. START has adopted the United Nations Human Rights Council Declaration on the ‘Rights of a Child’ as our code of conduct.


The workshops educate and inform about arts, history, culture and provide a safe haven for free imagination. Our workshops aim to add colour to life, make a tangible change to human life, open minds, empower and resolve inner conflict.

The art pieces created by the children give them a feeling of pride and achievement. The workshops assist in non-verbal expressions and are a tool to opening opportunities to communities of children whose future and perception of their place in the world would otherwise be restricted.

Refugees have been deprived of their homes, but they must not be deprived of their futures.

UN Secretarty-General, Ban Ki-Moon

START want to give children and young adults an opportunity to create a future as rich and free as their imaginations.