"While the light at the end of the tunnel for an escape from the instability and upheaval of the
last year is definitely coming into view, we are still having to think creatively in order to
continue our work in a way that, though different, is still just as impactful. The pandemic,
with its exacerbating effects for refugee education and living conditions, and the
humanitarian concerns resulting from the Beirut explosion caused a shift in focus for AMF in
2020. As always, our priority was providing aid in as targeted and informed a way possible,
and the crash course we received in emergency response will be put to very good use as we
design future projects. The lasting toll is yet to be seen, but it is our hope that out of this
turbulent time will come a greater realisation of our interconnectivity and with it a further
chipping away at the characterisation of the children we serve as "other". If the world can be
made all at one in suffering it can do the same in growth, starting with its youngest shoots."

Angie Garvich, Managing Director

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