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Emergency Response in Numbers:
In writing this I find myself reflecting on a tumultuous Spring and Summer and trying to consider, with both ambition and practicality, our goals for the immediate future.  In the coming months, the colder weather will bring with it additional challenges for those already most at risk and we are working hard to ensure that we can continue to respond as quickly and flexibly as possible within our focus areas.
As we move on into the Autumn, I wanted to provide an update on how AMF spent the funds we have so far designated for emergency projects.  I hope you will agree that we made the best possible use of these resources, filling gaps where they existed, remaining true to our goals of education and safe spaces for children, and, hopefully, raising a few smiles during a very dark time.

Our Director of Programmes, Grace Ghaleb, is currently in Lebanon and reports that it is quite clear the country is under almost unimaginable strain. We will continue to monitor the situation through all channels available to us and, of course, keep you updated with our plans.  We will also make sure that other areas of need, such as refugee children alone in Greece and those seeking to resettle in the UK, continue to be explored and that we offer our help in any way that we can.
For now, I leave you with two photos that capture a sense of the good you are helping us to accomplish.  I hope they will brighten your Monday, and as always, thank you for your support.
With grateful thanks and best wishes
Angie Garvich
Managing Director
Al Madad Foundation
[email protected]
52 Mount Street