Our Summer Programme started this month and continues until the end of August, giving pupils a valuable opportunity to improve their literacy and numeracy skills before the start of the next school year.

Pictured above: 'Say Hello!' School Retention Support pupils introduce themselves to their classmates on the Summer Programme

The Children's Learning Centre (CLC), our non-formal education centre in the Bekaa Valley, continues to be a beacon for hope and inclusivity over the Summer. Vulnerable children who attend formal school can enrol to improve their skills during their Summer Break through our School Retention Support Programme. We also offer a shortened version of our Early Childhood Education programme for pupils aged 3-5 who have no access to a formal school or nursery place.

Pictured above: Early Childhood Education pupils in the first week of this year's Summer Programme

The Summer months are an opportunity to continue to give children and young people who are at risk of dropping out of formal school, or without a school place, the opportunity to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. As it takes place just before the start of the new academic year, it has the added bonus of increasing pupils' skills and confidence before they go back into the classroom alongside pupils of all backgrounds, many of whom benefit from a more stable home environment.  Our meals programme, which provides one free meal per day to every child at the CLC, continues over the Summer and, as well as helping out families who struggle to find money for food, this also improves concentration and attendance in all classes.

Security update: At the time of writing, a security threat in the area local to the CLC had just been resolved. Some pupils were dismissed early from afternoon sessions to return home safely and staff continue to communicate with the municipality and the security in the area. As always, the safety and welfare of children and staff at the CLC is our number one priority.

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Angie Garvich
Managing Director
Al Madad Foundation