On behalf of everyone at Al Madad Foundation, I would like to wish you joy, peace and prosperity during this festive period.

While the month of Ramadan brings a particular focus on charity, it is important to remember that the support you give to Al Madad Foundation plays a positive and productive part throughout the year in improving the lives of those less fortunate.  Your gift to Al Madad Foundation will pass on its own blessings to a refugee child- that of education, of health, of the prospect of a better life- gifts that continue throughout this year and those to come.

To make your own Ramadan gift to Al Madad Foundation, please visit our website at www.almadadfoundation.org, or to discuss contributing in whatever way is most meaningful to you and your family please contact me directly at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) .

Angie Garvich
Managing Director
Al Madad Foundation