October always feels like a true month of transition.  It certainly is at Al Madad Foundation where classes at the Children's Learning Centre (CLC) begin for the new school year and plans for the spring start taking shape.  This month also saw us mark two days that are particularly important to Al Madad Foundation- International Teachers’ Day on the 5th and International Day of the Girl Child on the 11th.  While we try every day to recognise the amazing contribution of our teachers, and are constantly aware of the particular challenges faced by the young girls we serve, it is good nevertheless to pause for a moment and remember the importance of these two groups. It is also interesting to observe how much of a role social media plays in the marking of these special days. For all of the complications it brings to our lives, no one can deny that today’s communication connects us with a much wider community of like minded individuals which, while they might be reading our reports on the opposite side of the globe, are just as invested in our work as those on the opposite side of the room. I try to keep this in mind when I write to our supporters and hope that you feel as much a part of the Al Madad Foundation team as those in our own office.

Grace and I recently returned from Lebanon where we were able to welcome the CLC pupils on their first day of school and sit in on a basic literacy and numeracy class on our Classroom-on-a-Bus.  It was my first visit and I am sure many of you will relate to my feelings on seeing first-hand the sometimes overwhelming issues we are trying to tackle.  The children never give you the chance to dwell on the negative, however, and I returned full of new ideas for the future (of which more later!).  It was wonderful to see some new initiatives already in action, like the introduction of healthy meals, and I would like to encourage you to lend your support to this important programme via our Meal Appeal here.

Other upcoming projects (somewhat closer to home) to look out for include the launch of our new website and children’s storybook near the end of next month, so do watch this space!

With all good wishes

Angie Garvich

Managing Director
Al Madad Foundation

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