Our mobile Classroom-on-a-Bus brings a safe space to learn to wherever it is most needed. Ideal for accessing difficult to reach areas or serving shifting populations, this programme is innovative, flexible and cost-effective.

We have two buses in total and these serve the more remote parts of Lebanon, namely North and the Bekaa regions, and run on three month cycles. The curriculum supports children by breaking down the basics of literacy and numeracy to help provide a foundation of understanding before they reintegrate into the formal education system.

Each bus is equipped with what you would find in a "normal" classroom, with added elements for safety and practicality, including:
•3 white boards, LCD wide screen tv and PC
•Easily removable desks to facilitate group work
•Under-seat storage
•Heat reduced lighting
•On-board library
•Awning to provide shelter during outdoor activity

Each bus carries out up to four sessions per day and can accommodate 13 children per session, plus a teacher and teaching assistant.