Al Madad Foundation uses non-formal education to bridge the achievement gap and allow displaced children to successfully reintegrate into mainstream school. At the heart of this work is our specialist non-formal education hub, the Children’s Learning Centre, which provides a secure and inspiring environment for children and their parents.

The historically important building in central Baalbek was erected in the mid 19th century and during the Ottoman Empire acted as the central governance location for the town of Baalbek and the North Eastern Beqaa Valley. Its last incarnation was as a school run by the Lebanese Ministry of Education, but was later abandoned to disrepair.

In 2015 Al Madad Foundation with its implementing partner Ana Aqra Association undertook to restore the building for use as a permanent non-formal education hub, and now its 16 classrooms and surrounding grounds provide the setting for some of our most important work in the area.

Each child enrolled at the CLC is also entitled to transport to and from the Learning Centre, a healthy meal and water, creative workshops and access to facilities such as on-site library.