Sustainability and 'sustainable elements' in our programmes are crucial. We want to be a catalyst to help long-term growth and change and we will look to do so in every partnership we make. 

Teacher Training

At the Children's Learning Centre and Classroom-on-a-Bus, AMF trained teachers not only for the benefit of our own pupils but also to build capacity within the field as a whole. While our staff retention was excellent, if a teacher chose to move elsewhere we knew that the resources we put into their training were worthwhile, as raising our own standard  ‘raised the bar’ for teaching in non-formal education in general.

In the 2017/18 academic year, AMF trained 42 teachers in areas specific to refugee education, encompassing 27 from the CLC and Bus projects and another 15 from other schools. The majority of training each year focused on specially adapted curricula for pupils in non-formal education and therefore took into account the additional challenges these children face. Creativity is often key to classroom success, and our teachers were trained to think outside of the box. For example, we offered sessions such as ECE ‘Game Scenarios’ in which teachers were shown how to use games as learning tools, reducing pupils' anxiety in the classroom