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Project - Increasing the Well-Being and Mental Health of Refugee Children in Turkey
1 August 2021-1 August 2022

Ten years on from the outbreak of the Syrian crisis and uprising, refugee children need help processing the trauma and violence they have seen for all or most of their lives. By creating a program to provide the lacking Arabic mental health services to injured Syrian refugee children, it will help them process their past trauma, both injury and war-related, improving their mental health and well-being.

INARA works with injured refugee children to facilitate access to existing medical services and provides full financial coverage for care until the child is fully healed from their injuries. Through this medical program, INARA has seen the depths of their trauma and the immense need for the healing of their mental scars as well as their physical wounds. Turkish public healthcare for refugees extends to mental health services and there are some NGOs who offer it, but both of these are only in certain locations and with limited capacity. Additionally, the language barrier hinders refugees’ access. A recent study found psychiatric concerns in 71% of refugee children and UNHCR Turkey has listed increased efforts around psycho-social support as a priority intervention for refugees in 2021.
To address this gap and need, INARA will create a new mental health project to support medical program beneficiaries. INARA will establish a child safe space in its office in Gaziantep that will be used for provision of care. INARA will hire an Arabic speaking licensed clinical child and adolescent psychologist and a part-time psychiatrist to provide the one-to-one mental health care and write prescriptions as needed.
Al Madad Foundation is proud to support the trial of this much-needed new innovation for 50 children and looks forward to following them through the programme.

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