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Project - YESS: Young Empowered Students in Secondary

1 April 2022 - 31 March 2025

AMF is funding an addition to the project 'YESS: Young Empowered Students in Secondary'. This project initially launched to provide support for refugee students for pathways to formal secondary education and has been extended to welcome both refugee and host Lebanese students in secondary. This change is due to the current economic crisis in which more than 80% of the Lebanese population live under poverty.


The initial iteration of YESS provided grade 12 students (exclusively) with academic and skills support to successfully pass their baccalaureate exam and move to university. The innovation funded by AMF will provide academic support and skills /self-confidence building for a younger segment (students moving from grade 9 to 10). This younger stage is immediately after students pass their brevet national exam and move into secondary which is when academic performance usually suffers and students are faced by numerous obstacles. We hope and expect that  it will lead to improved academic outcomes for the programme. 

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