Supporting Young Refugees Prior to Arrival in the UK
Proposed Start Date: September 2020 - delayed by pandemic with a view to starting March/April 2021

Medway Plus says "Recognising the unique geographical location, and large-scale support we had across local communities in Kent through our charitable activity, Medway Plus was founded on the principles of community engagement and empowerment, of all vulnerable groups, with a focus on the community integration of young refugees.

Medway Plus and [our partner] Concept Training have been working with young refugees in Kent. As single operators, both deliver refugee support programmes in the UK and Europe. Our partnership developed using extensive front line support structures and local partnerships, and real “need” which drove us to work in partnership with Concept Training (Concept). Concept develop the highly vibrant, efficient and innovative Language and Integration Skills Training (LIST) Programme, which has now been successfully delivered across South East England, empowering young refugees to integrate as equals in their new found communities."