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Project - Legal Support and Advocacy for Unaccompanied Minors in Greece
1 February 2021 – 31 January 2022

Final Report (PDF, English)


Unaccompanied refugee children who have made it to Greece usually face challenging living conditions and an extremely uncertain future. One possibility for long-term care in a loving and supportive home is to reunite them with family who live in other European countries. Once it has been established that a suitable stable and loving home is available to a child they must start a complex legal process in order to be allowed to live there. It is only through the successful navigation of several legal and administrative hurdles that they can achieve this outcome and find a place to call home. 
Al Madad Foundation believes that the best outcome for an unaccompanied refugee child is a long-term, stable family home. Family reunification of this kind is one exciting avenue but the downside is that the complex and precarious legal process puts off many potential funders. It is hoped that by funding this project and carefully measuring and publicising outcomes, Al Madad Foundation can demonstrate that, although challenging, this process can provide life-changing outcomes for children and is well-worth the investment.

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