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Project - Integration and Independence Through Educational Resource Provision in Malta

1 August 2021-1 August 2023

MOAS noticed that migrant families had been experiencing difficulties in accessing the remote education services on behalf of their children, due to a lack of resources. The project will see MOAS establish an ‘independence through integration’ project for refugee children and migrants focused on education through access to technology and resources. The ultimate goal of the project is to allow migrants living in the open centres run by Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers (AWAS) in Malta to become more independent and to allow the host community and migrant participants to improve their integration with one another through facilitating engagement with online services (such as educational, welfare, health services, legal, careers, etc).
This is to be achieved by the fulfilment of two main objectives- facilitating migrants in the Hangar Open Center in Hal Far to have access to educational facilities, such as desktop computers with internet, books and learning resources and a projector among other resources and services as needed in a functioning learning centre. The purpose of this space will be twofold - the first being to allow NGOs and agencies to run classes and information sessions for residents to attend. These would include such activities as language classes, literacy/numeracy, vocational training etc as well as life-skills training such as CV writing, budgeting, job searching, how to apply for welfare or legal aid etc. The second purpose would be to allow residents a quiet space with resources available for them to be able to independently engage in study activities or prepare administrative documents as listed above, search for private/transitional accommodation and so on. The engagement of residents in such activities would contribute to the objectives and therefore the wider goal.
The second objective aims to facilitate migrants enrolled in formal educational activities (be these mandatory schooling for young migrants or further education/vocational activities for adult learners) to successfully complete their courses and achieve their educational goals. MOAS will create a ‘lending library’ of technology packs (including a tablets, plug-in modem and monthly internet-connection in each pack). These ‘technology packs’ are designed to help those enrolled in school or vocational courses to engage in remote learning opportunities, complete homework and assignments and take advantage of online resources provided by the learning institution. This will target students enrolled in education who would otherwise not have access to personal electronic devices and internet at home, to engage in all aspects of their course including independent study and homework. These devices will be given for the duration of the course and returned to MOAS for redistribution to new participants upon course completion.
The two main objectives promote both education/learning as well as engagement in administrative systems necessary for successful integration. We hope to achieve independent living, a transition out of institutionalisation, integration in organic communities and much more, through these objectives.


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