For a number of years following its creation, Al Madad Foundation evolved in a very reactive way, creating programmes to meet the immediate needs we saw in the field. With the very best of intentions we nevertheless began to realise that we were doing a little bit for everyone but not enough for anyone.  The Board knew that in order for the Foundation to have significant impact we needed to re-examine our mission and purpose and develop a strategic plan for the future.  This has enabled us to retain what is so special about Al Madad Foundation and position it within an organisation that will remain fit for purpose for years to come. 

After a period of review and reflection, Al Madad Foundation has emerged with a renewed purpose and vision that everything we do is in pursuit of two goals- healing the heart and expanding the mind.  To underpin this work we have created an efficient and effective infrastructure to streamline operations, measure impact and ensure our supporters are kept fully informed on what they are helping to achieve. 

We work to maximise impact by partnering with complimentary organisations, pooling our resources to become more than just the sum of our parts.  Our programmes are constantly evaluated to ensure that under-performing projects are improved and successful ones are replicated, always striving to be careful stewards of the trust that has been placed in us by our donors.