Unlike similar organisations, Al Madad Foundation participates fully in the programmes we fund, witnessing great ideas come to life and following them throughout their implementation journeys. This connectedness to the work in the field provides a deeper understanding of needs and outcomes and a more strategic channeling of funds into effective and impactful actions. Al Madad Foundation is proud to partner with organisations and institutions from across the globe that share our mission of empowering the world's most vulnerable children.

Ana Aqra Association

Ana Aqra Association is an independent non-profit organization that advances literacy and autonomous learning for underprivileged children in Lebanese public schools. Founded in 1994, Ana Aqra has since expanded its services to address the educational, cultural and psychosocial needs of communities within and surrounding the public educational system. Ana Aqra has also responded to the influx of refugees from Syria, with educational programs aligned with national and INEE international standards for Education in Emergency.

Ana Aqra works under the auspices of Ministry of Education and Higher Education and in partnership with other various local and international organizations. Ana Aqra's programmes are implemented across Lebanon and aim to provide equal access, integration and retention of public school children ages 6 to 16, as well as provide teacher training towards long-term sustainability. 

Artichoke Studio

Artichoke Studio is a social enterprise (registered with the Commercial Register of Beirut) committed to providing art therapy services to individual, groups and communities based on high professional and ethical standards. We offer consultancy services in collaboration with different local and international organizations using creative expression as a tool to reach mental health and well being.

Expressive arts therapies generally have similar goals and values as traditional psychotherapy, aiming to develop self-awareness and healthy strategies to deal with personal challenges. Art making and play offer tools for expressing oneself in a less threatening way than strictly verbal communication. In the safe environment of an expressive arts therapy session, the incoherent thoughts, emotions and needs can be externalized and transferred into a creative product through creative expression and play. Such a product offers distance from one's emotions, allowing the space for reflection, new perceptions, and transformation to happen. Safeguarding, exhibiting, offering, or discarding what has been created has value in itself as well. The focus is on the whole process of creation. Guided by a qualified expressive arts therapist and based on a well-established therapeutic relationship, this process can provide insight, relief and healing.

Artichoke Studio’s mission is to:
• Provide expressive arts therapies for mental health and self-development, based on high professional and ethical standards.
• Work in different settings with local and international organizations using creative expression as a tool for change and growth.
• Offer a safe and non-judgmental space in which everyone is welcomed to express, create and become.
• Promote art therapy as a recognizable, available, and affordable mental health profession.
• Collaborate with other professionals to bring awareness, provide educational development and training, and set high ethical standards for expressive art therapies in Lebanon and the region.

Artichoke Studio is dedicated to offering:
• Private art therapy sessions for individuals and groups, guiding the participants to gain self-awareness and learn new ways to deal with personal challenges and/or mental health disorders.
• Consultancy services in collaboration with different local and international organizations targeting specific populations and dealing with particular issues, such as war trauma, addictions, domestic violence, gender equality, youth empowerment, community building, etc.
• Training of trainers for using visual art and creative tools in psychosocial support.