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Emergency Project in Gaza and the West Bank, May 2024

400 First Aid Kits and training delivered in the West Bank

600 'Essential Supplies' Kits delivered to new mothers in Gaza

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The heartbreaking loss of life in Palestine is compounded by the wilful and wasteful destruction of the potential of an entire generation. While we cannot alter the decisions of governments or halt the devastation of war, we are working with local partners on the ground to provide what help we can in an all but impossible situation.  

In Gaza we are supporting new mothers who have lost their husbands with essential supplies for wellness and dignity, as well as health visitors to monitor mother and child medical needs and to offer advice.  In the West Bank we are distributing first aid kits to women living in camps and offering training so that, in light of the increasing difficulty in accessing medical care, injuries can be treated on site.  

First Aid Kits

400 kits will be delivered in camps in the West Bank, along with First Aid training. This will enable adults to treat minor injuries in order to prevent major medical interventions being required. Closed roads and limited access to camps following October 7 have led to the usual medical treatment options being suspended.

Essential Supplies for Mothers in Gaza

600 pregnant women and mothers with babies aged 0-4 months will be supplied with breastfeeding workshops, formula milk and advice on safe feeding from a community Health Visitor. Other essential supplies will also be included in the bags. 

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