We are pleased to announce the opening of AMF’s Spring 2022 Grant Call, with Concept Note submissions invited from Tuesday, 25 January until Tuesday, 22 February. Our website has recently been updated with important information for applicants, so as well as the Call for Proposals we encourage anyone interested in applying to pay particular attention to our Application Guidance and Grant Seeker FAQs. You may also be interested in reading what we have funded previously in our new Grantee Profiles section.

This Spring, for the first time, we are offering applicants the chance to attend a Zoom meeting with our Managing Director, Angie Garvich, so that she can address any questions that you may have before you make your application (we regret that individual questions cannot be addressed outside of this forum). This meeting will take place on Tuesday, 25 January 10am-11am GMT and you are invited to register by sending your name, job title and organisation name to [email protected] Kindly note that all participants must register in advance before 1pm GMT on Monday, 24 January.

As always, this call comes as we look to where AMF, with its particular strengths and abilities, can make the most impact in what we have identified as areas of particular need. Therefore for this grant, in addition to general advances in refugee education, we are placing an emphasis on innovation in review and testing to facilitate long-term change.

Please do spread the word amongst your friends and associates and, if you choose to apply, I wish you all the very best in your application.

Full details and Concept Note submission:

Call for Proposals

List of Eligible Countries

Concept Note Submission: this open 25 January 2022 via a form on the webpage:


Sample Concept Note (for information only - do not use to apply)