The Education Twinning Project was introduced in 2013 as an apolitical project to engage children from different backgrounds in an intercultural dialogue. Pupils in the UK and Germany send 'pen pal' letters about their daily routines and their interests to Al Madad Foundation in London, while letters from Lebanese schools are collected by our education partner in Lebanon. All letters are then sorted, tracked and packed in London and then redistributed, assigning each pupil a 'pen pal'.

Running across three terms, the project aims to provide a platform from which children can express themselves and open their hearts and minds to the world around them. The project, in turn, highlights the common ground between children across discrete economic, political and social strata. Many share the same dreams, ambitions, hopes and fears.

All of the pupils learn from the experience:

- They discover new cultures and customs

- They have an improved empathy and understanding of others

- They enjoy making new friends and reading their letters

- They develop a general positive outlook

For this project, the main target are pupils in primary schools. In the year 2016/2017, the participating group were from 4 public schools from different regions in Lebanon, 6 schools from the UK, mainly in London and Brighton and 1 school from Frankfurt, Germany. A total of 794 letters between 30 classrooms (grade 3 until grade 7) were being exchanged every term.

if you are a school and interested in taking part in this exciting project please email our Education Programme Director, Grace Ghaleb on [email protected]