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Project - Implementing the Social-Emotional-Learning (SEL) model to improve well-being and educational outcomes of children in conflict-affected areas

10 January 2022 - 9 January 2025

This comprehensive project aims to improve children’s wellbeing and educational outcomes and build their resilience by introducing the SEL model to 12 schools in Al-Bureij refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, Palestine.


The project will train teachers in SEL skills - an evidence-based child-centred model that supports teachers and learners to address socio-emotional learning challenges. These skills consist of 3 major categories: 
•    Cognitive: problem-solving, reasoning, planning, analysis and decision-making. 
•    Intrapersonal: self-regulation, mastery orientation, motivation, self-efficacy, perseverance, and values. 
•    Interpersonal: peaceful conflict resolution, empathy, teamwork, social awareness, communication, collaboration, and social intelligence. 


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