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Project - Capacity Building within the community to tailor creative and innovative alternative education  opportunities for disabled refugee children

1 September 2019 - 28 February 2020

Children with disabilities (CwDs) are among the most marginalised groups in Lebanon. Refugee CwDs are not
entitled to services by the Lebanese government. Efforts are made by humanitarian organisations and
foundations to enroll them in education programs, but they have a very limited coverage for CwDs, given the
lack of resources and capacity to provide inclusive education. Thus, many of these children are left at home,
often isolated, which makes them more vulnerable to stigma, discrimination, physical abuse, sexual abuse,
exploitation and neglect. Therefore, ADJI through Rahma for Special Needs provided a Special Education Programme for Refugee Children with Severe and Moderate Disabilities. The programme aimed to increase opportunities for these CwDs to be able to work, learn, and be engaged within a community, which is the minimum humanitarian right to live with dignity.

Project - Delivery of Emergency Food and Educational Kits to 550 Refugee and Lebanese Families

May 2020 - August 2020

When the pandemic hit AMF was struck by the incredible burden placed on parents of children with disabilities to educate children who had previously had access to transport and specialist schools. Many of these families were known to live in tented settlements and the loss of this essential weekly support mechanism is quite unimaginable. AMF approached Rahma for Special Needs and they were able to provide information about families' needs and organise the effective distribution of food and educational equipment (purchased locally) to known families. It is hard to overstate how much the optimism and effectiveness of this project meant at a very difficult time. 

Project - Healthcare support to the people affected by the Beirut port explosions

August 2020 - September 2020

The Beirut port explosions were a shocking tragedy in a time of terrible strain. In seeking a way to help, AMF once again turned to Rahma for Special Needs, which in its capacity as a private medical hospital (as well as an education centre for children with disabilities), was able to provide a mobile medical clinic in various key locations around the city. Rahma also delivered first aid kits to those families who were unwilling or unable to leave their homes. 

Click here for more information, statistics and video content related to the emergency projects.

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