Capacity Building within the Community to Tailor Creative and Innovative Alternative Education Opportunities for Disabled Refugee Children

This innovative new project will be implemented in Tripoli, North Lebanon, by Rahma Medical Center over the 6 months from September 2019 to March 2020. The goal will be to better normalise attitudes to, and opportunities for, disabled refugee children and to educate their families, care givers and host communities about the potential of this critically marginalised group.

Over the course of the six months Rahma will be working to:

• Promote the understanding of the rights of disabled refugee children, especially in regard to education
• Empower and build the capacity of caregivers in how to deal with disabled children and provide them with alternative educational opportunities
• Increase awareness within host communities about the importance of adapted services in public/ private school for disabled children

AMF is proud to be supporting this project and its work to address two of our Strategic Priorities, namely:

1. Bridging the educational gap for out-of-school refugee children with alternative programmes to prepare them to successfully reintegrate into mainstream school

2. Supporting the development of tailored educational settings to empower displaced and refugee children in host communities through the means of education